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Blackwood Ear (Auricular Polytricha)

Blackwood Ear or "Jewish Ear" has been popular in Europe for centuries.  It is one of the most popular edible jelly fungi (mushroom) in Asian countries.  Its black color and ear-like shape give it the common name of Blackwood Ear.

Blackwood Ear has abundant dietary fiber, rich B-1, 3 - D - Glucan (extracted from its glucinoxylomannon), and Adenosine.  According to laboratory research, Blackwood Ear had incredible nutrition value.  It has rich protein, vitamin B2, Iron, Calcuim, and Vitamin C.

Clinical reports from several research institutes in Taiwan and Japan have proven that the properties of B-1 and 3-D-Glucan and glucuronoxylomanon function as follows:

  •  Anti-tumor

  •  Enchancing the immune system

  •  Reducing cholesterol in blood and LDL (Low Density Lipoprotein)

  •  Reduces and consumes body fat for aid in weight management. 

  •  Contains Adenolsine which can eliminate blood clots, avoiding cerebrovascular accidents and coronary heart disease.

Since Blackwood Ear is a kind of jelly fungi, it is usually processed into fine granules through the use of NANO processing.  When the micro-millimeter granules are ingested, the granules inflate and form up on the walls of the stomach, slowing down the secretion of digestion enzyme.  This creates a feeling of "fullness" which helps with weight management causing you to eat less.

Blackwood Ear has abundant dietary fiber which accelerates the bowel to move and excrete waste more often.  This speeds up metabolism indirectly causing further weight loss. 

It is suggested that taking 3 to 5 capsules an hour before eating with 600 ml of lukewarm water will bring a "fullness feeling" reducing the urge to overeat.  Blackwood Ear has been a natural health aid in China for over 3000 years.  Its benefits have no known side effects.  If you take Blackwood Ear products regularly and do exercise daily,  you will easily loce weight, have more vital energy and enjoy good health.

Blackwood Ear (500mg) - Manufactured GMP Laboratories in Taiwan

150 Capsules ..................................................... $40.00


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