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Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicine is the most important and major part of traditional Chinese medicine.   It has a 5,000 year history just like Chinese acupuncture.  There are more than 3,000 different herbs that can be used for medical purposes.  Among them only 600 herbs are commonly used in China.  The common used Chinese herbs are made in nature either form different parts of the plants or proven edible parts of animals.  Chinese herbs or herbal combinations are safe and cause no side effects.

Different types of herbs affect the body differently, each in their own way.  For example, herbs having hot or warm substance can relieve conditions where there is cool or cold in the body, whereas cool or cold substance in herbs relieve heat symptoms.

The five taste qualities of herbs are linked to the reaction of the Qi-vital energy in the body.  Herbs having pungent/acrid tastes promote the Qi movement and invigorate the blood in the body.  Sweet tasting herbs strengthen the Qi and nourish the blood.  Sour tasting herbs absorb body substances and control functions of the organs.  Salty tasting herbs soften lumps and bitter tasting herbs reduce excess Qi and clear heat.

Through scientific research, it is now recognized and proven that Chinese herbs are effective and safe in treating acute diseases and conditions, such as killing bacteria and viruses which can help injuries to heal faster.  It heals chronic illness, promotes the circulation, strengthens the immune functions, helps drug addicted people quit their substance abuse problem.  Chinese herbs can successfully help cancer patients undergo the radiation or chemical therapy without discomfort or side effects.

Chinese herbal medicine can also be used to prevent illness and promote general good health.  At our clinic, Dr. Woo often applies acupuncture treatment combined with Chinese herbs in the forms of  herbal solution, herbal formula in granule form or capsule/tablet form.  The aim is to help patients get on the right track for a faster recovery.

Please be aware that Chinese herbal medicine is not a regular tea or food.  It is a medication made of natural herbs and should not be taken without the advice or prescription from a professional herbalist.


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