Maggie Shelton

Santa Ana, CA 92705 

May 24, 1995

I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 1987, although my first symptoms appeared sever years prior. My primary symptoms were the spasm of my shoulder and neck area every six to twelve weeks, fatigue, generalized body aches, irritable bowl syndrome, daily headache and a dullness and confusion when thinking.

Although several treatments provided temporary relief, such as chiropractic care, prescription drugs and physical therapy, I found the best results with Dr. Woo. I came to him in June of 1994 during a particularly bad time. I was in constant pain, both from the characteristic overall ache of fibromyalgia as well as spasm close to every three weeks.

After a month of acupuncture I had definite results. My pain had receded to a manageable level, and was even absent for short periods of time. I had no spasm. I was thinking clearer and my energy level had increased.

I have been with Dr. Woo now for eleven months. I received regular acupuncture treatments for three months, then less frequently for another four, after which time I have been taking herbs that he prescribes for me. Although we have not been able to stop the spasm totally, I am happy to report that we have managed to delay their occurrences to an average of three and a half months in between. While not in spasm, my general body aches and headaches are absent 90% of the of time (I keep daily records). My energy level, as compared to disease-free peers, is normal. In addition, my thinking has sharpened and become more focused.

Since I have been in Dr. Woo’s care I have been able to become athletic again, as I was in my early twenties. I worked out at the gym and train with weights three to four times a week. I am also focused enough to pursue my goal of getting my private pilot’s license.

The disease of Fibromyalgia forces one on a lonely frightening and sometimes despairing path. Dr. Woo understands this very well, and in addition to his genuine ability to improve my overall health, he has the added bonus of respecting and supporting the difficult life we live. Some other health professionals that I have worked with, who are frustrated and discouraged with the lack of information we have on this disease, have given up and lost confidence that there is anything that can help me. In contract, Dr. Woo has a constant source of encouragement, and most importantly, comprehends the value of hope.

I feel fortunate to have received treatment from Dr. Woo. I believe him to be a gifted doctor and I know he is an exceptional person.

Best wishes,


Maggie Shelton.