May 12, 2002


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Patricia Ferguson, R.N.
872 Kallin Avenue
Long Beach, CA 90815
Tel: 562 799 9402


Dear Dr. Woo:

As I sit here and celebrate Mother’s Day, I can’t help but remember the care and treatments you gave my mother. I felt inspired to write and thank you for the quality of life you gave her during her last three years on the earth.

As you know she was diagnosed with liver cancer in September 1998, after a liver biopsy. The doctors at Kaiser Permanente decided to operate in November 1998 to no avail.  She was given six months to live. She was transferred to Dr. Guerra and started on Chemotherapy. With all it’s “pitfalls” like mouth sores, nausea, decreased appetite, fatigue, and she was just plain tired out. At this time she started to see you. Thank God, you started her on special herbal formulas and acupuncture therapy. You helped her so much; she was “never’ in pain. She also felt energized after each treatment with a good appetite and positive attitude. So much so, we often traveled to Laughlin for some “R and R”.

 You sustained her life for three good years. A Good Quality three years. She passed in

September 2001. I will forever be grateful for what you managed to do. You and your wife, Susan are Angels sent from Heaven and God Bless you both.



Patricia Ferguson, R.N.


P.S, Dr. Guerra’s lab work always reflected good numbers, which made her all the more anxious to see you. Your herbs managed to keep her bilirubien and liver enzymes down for years before she passed away.