November 10, 2006


Dear Dr. Woo:

When Richard called to make my appointment yesterday, I heard him tell you that he was better than 100%. The sound of those words reminded me of your role in the miracle of his ability to walk and use his left hand.  When he had his stroke three years ago, we were blessed that we were your patients.

The first call I made from the hospital was to ask you if acupuncture could help. In your calm, reassuring voice, you said "yes".

As Richard progressed from ICU to the Neuro ward to Rehab, we took each step forward knowing that you were there, waiting to help us when the time was right. As soon as he was discharged from the hospital we headed for your office.

Each time that he returned to the hospital for therapy I would watch to see what muscles he needed to relearn to use. We would see what he could do and what he couldnít do. Then we would come to your office. We explained to you what he needed to learn and you used all of your knowledge and skill to place the needles in just the right places so that the energy would flow through Richardís body. And then the miracle of healing took place. Each time he returned to the therapist he had learned the next step. He put in the effort and progressed beyond all the blockages. He regained complete use of the left side of his body.

Dr. Woo, there is no question in either of our minds that this could not have occurred without your knowledge and your skill. I thank you, your father and your grandfather for the knowledge you passed from one generation to the next. I thank you for the pleasure of the feel of my husbandís hug each morning.

Thank you!


Karen L. Macedonio